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"It is not enough to merely wish for a different world. It is the obligation of the individual to direct the present and shape the future.” - Sylvia Smith

IMG_8278“The creation and maintenance of Smith Publications and Sonic Art Editions is my contribution and partial solution to the challenge of creating a healthy and receptive environment for new musical ideas. Publishing makes public the values, sounds, and esthetics not only of the composer, but also of the publisher/editor who selects the compositions and edits them for publication. With all this in mind, I choose the strongest, most far-reaching music I can find, music that balances originality and uniqueness with the skill and craft necessary to clearly express the essence of its idea”.- Sylvia Smith, editor and owner, Smith Publications

Sylvia Smith
is the founder, owner and editor of Smith Publications/Sonic Art Editions, publishers of serious American art music. She is extremely rigorous in her selection of music, and her publishing house is looked to as a leading source of twentieth and twenty-first century American music. The recipient of six Paul Revere Awards for graphic excellence, her publications are thought of as particularly handsome editions. Her scholarship includes publishing several articles on music notation, and curating many concerts of John Cage's music.Sylvia-Marimba

As a percussionist, Sylvia Smith has performed at Merkin Hall in New York, with the Merce Cunningham Dance Company, and has received numerous invitations to perform at the Percussive Arts Society International Conventions. She tours North America with the Sylvia Smith Percussion Duo, specializing in percussion with spoken text and percussion theater. Her performances are recorded on oodiscs, New World Records, and 11 West Records. The recipient of numerous honors, Dr Smith was awarded the American Music Center Letter of Distinction in 1988.


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