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Compositions For Unaccompanied Snare Drum in Four Volumes

Price: $17.50 each volume

"Whenever I listened to a snare drum roll, I was struck by the complexity of the sound itself. Far from a non-pitched instrument, the snare drum sounded like an ocean of sound - virtually every pitch represented - with subtle waves and currents. The snare drum has always seemed to me to be full of possibilities as a solo instrument.

In 1987 my initial idea was to publish one volume of snare drum solos - to 'elevate' the snare drum to the level of a solo concert instrument. I asked many leading composers if they would be interested in writing for snare drum, hoping there would be enough positive responses to make a book.

The response was so enthusiastic and so immediate! It was as if the idea were there in the air waiting for someone to initiate it and coordinate it. And so there are 4 volumes of snare drum solos, each piece distinct and expressive.

These 4 volumes should be thought of as an anthology of snare drum music. They are ungraded as to difficulty and not grouped in any kind of style. Each piece is presented in a different penmanship to enhance the sense of different statements - distinct musical worlds with the snare drum."

- Sylvia Smith, executive editor
The Noble Snare


Volume 1:

  •  Stuart Saunders Smith
  •  Ben Johnston
  •  Michael LaRosa
  •  Alexander Lepak
  •  Milton Babbitt
  •  Charles Boone
  •  David Macbride
  •  Udo Kasements

Volume 2:

  •  Herbert Brun
  •  Siegfried Fink
  •  William Brooks
  •  Michael Udow
  •  Barney Childs
  •  John Welsh
  •  John Cage
  •  Allen Otte
  •  Thomas DeLio
  •  Dan Senn

Volume 3:

  •  Sydney Hodkinson
  •  Alvin Lucier
  •  Christian Wolff
  •  Kyle Gann
  •  John Bergamo
  •  Annea Lockwood
  •  John Jeffrey Gibbons

Volume 4:

  •  Eugene Novotney
  •  Ralph Shapey
  •  Tom Pierson
  •  Salvatore Martirano
  •  Larry Austin
  •  Robert Ashley
  •  William Ortiz
  •  Pauline Oliveros


Compositions for Unaccompanied Orchestra Bells (glockenspiel)

Price: $ 30.00

“I commissioned eleven composers to write orchestra bell solos for this book.  All the compositions are for the standard range G to C. The title of the collection refers to the lofty heights of the orchestra bell range. Summit also means a conference of leaders convening around a special topic.” -
                                                                                             Sylvia Smith, editor

Roscoe Mitchell: Bells for New Orleans
Will Ogdon: A Little Suite and an Encore Tango
Stuart Saunders Smith: Over
Marta Ptaszynska: Katarynka
Barbara Monk Feldman: Glockenspiel
Lafayette Gilchrist: Breaks Through
Halim El-Dabh: Stelae of Axum
Paul Elwood: Le Splendide-Hotel et le Chaos de Glaces
Ben Johnston: Prayer
Jean-Charles Francois: To the After-Noun of a Frown
Ralph Shapey: Intermezzo



Price: $ 25.00

The idea for Marimba Concert grew out of many conversations with percussion educators about the need for both intermediate level and shorter solos for the marimba. Contributing composers include:

.Eugene Novotney
Sydney Hodkinson
Jean-Charles Francois
Thomas DeLio
Will Ogdon
Christopher Deane
Emmanuel Sejourne
John Bergamo
Robert Morris
Alcides Lanza
Stuart Saunders Smith
Herbert Brun


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